About La Rivera Maya

Our last name Chac means God of the Sun (Chac-Mol in the Mayan culture) We are Family owned Restaurant located in 16 South Main St Manville NJ 08835. The idea was born in the heart of Luis Cristalinas 7 years ago and supportive by His Brother Jose Cristalinas and Father Jose Luis Cristalinas. We know there are many Mexican Restaurants around the State and we wish them well to all, but we want to bring a new concept of what Mexican food is made of. Mexican food is enriched with authentic delicious dishes. We want to introduce home made Mexican food to our community and friends and every dish will be served in our handmade clay plates. The design and the layout is enriched by our Mexican craftsmen that worked very hard, from the tables to the smallest decoration in the restaurant they all have been made in Mexico. The Cristalinas Chac Family wants to bring an atmosphere where families can gather and have a good time with our Mariachi band, fresh homemade food and friendly family owned service. We want to bring a little piece of Mexico to our community.